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Nikon Distributor

Since January 2017, PT. Timur Raya Lestari is appointed as the sole distributor of Nikon lens in Indonesia.
Nikon is known as a premium lens with the best quality with a row of products such as Presio X, Presio i, Presio GO Digital, Classic Digital, Presio Advance, Presio W, Presio Power, See Max Power, Presio Power, and See Max Master.

Your Vision

Proper eye care starts from our own understanding of eyes. Understand how your eyes work

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Whether you’re in the office, at home or enjoying the great outdoors, there’s a pair of lenses to fit every part of your life.

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Customize your lenses to fit your style.

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As a pioneer in lens technology, Nikon strives to design lenses that offer the best possible vision to every person.

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Etablished in 1968, PT Timur Raya Lestari has now become one of the largest distributors of vision care and medical eye care products in Indonesia providing various selections of products, which we strictly select from only world-class manufacturers/ suppliers with proven track record.

Suported by hundreds of skillful and competent employees we strive to provide the best services which cater to customers needs. Currently we have dedicated sales force team and 3 branches as our customers points of contract supported by 8 stockist in several major cities around Indonesia.

In 1997, PT Timur Raya Lestari became the first spectacles lens processing company in Indonesia who received quality management system certification of ISO 9002-1994. In 2005 we obtained ISO 9001-2000 certification, which was then upgraded to ISO 9001-2008 since February 2010.

Until today, we also have been supported by our own spectacle lens processing laboratory. Thanks to our loyal suppliers as their strong partnerships are what have made our products well known for having high quality standard, on top of the innovative and continuosly improved services being offered.

Our Vision:

To help people in the world to see better and be better seen, in a way that honors God 


Wholesaler: To be an innovative and low cost solution provider

Retail: To be presbyopia expert


Partner in Eye Care Business

Our Value:


For spectacle lens processing, we are one of the few companies in Indonesia that uses a fully integrated Online Ordering system connecting us to the suppliers and customers, which provides information on order status and inventory data. This way we speed up our product delivery service.


Best customer experience is true to the core of our customer service. PT Timur Raya Lestari does the extra mile for our customers by providing comprehensive and regular training sessions conducted by our competent consultants equipped with technical expertise in eye care and ophthalmic equipment. Our after sales team consists of more than 15 people with 22 hunting telephone lines facility ready to receive complaint and provide first level support to fix minor problem in every equipment that we sell. We also provide second level support to fix major problem or malfunction of the machine.